Reading list (04/11/14)

I’ve been neglecting this blog and feel terrible about it. So for my next entry, I’m outsourcing the content. Here’s a list of articles I’ve read recently that you might want to bookmark yourself.

The Intellectual Defense of Sexual Harassment (Hint: There Isn’t One) by Mychal Denzel Smith for Feministing (04/10/14)

If we’re still conflating harassment with attraction, then the point has not been made clear enough: harassment is about power, not about sex. When making lewd comments to a woman he doesn’t know on the street, a man is not flirting. He’s asserting his dominance. He’s reminding that woman of her “place.” He’s performing a masculinity based on control. This isn’t sexual liberation.

In Defense of Sansa Stark by Rhiannon K. Thomas for Feminist Fiction (05/10/12)

She has spent her life in the cold castle of the North, dreaming of stories of tournaments and beauty in the south. Because people want her to be that way. That is how they think the ideal young woman should be. And it almost destroys her. Worse, it brings the reader’s hatred down on her, because even though women are told they are only “good” if they fit into this role, the role itself is seen as weak, manipulative, stupid and generally inferior. It is the Catch 22 of being a woman, both in Westeros and in our own world: no matter what you do, you are criticized, especially if you don’t act like Arya Stark and fight to become “one of the boys.”

Rhymes with Witches: Forget Backstabbing, Gilmore Girls’ Paris Gellar Fights With Wit and Brains by Nina for Autostraddle (02/11/14)

Though her name is not Gilmore, Paris Geller is the true break out character in this gem of a series, as one of the most heart wrenching and complex portraits of a teenage mean girl.

How to stop giving a F@$% what people think by Sean Kim for The Growth List

The world is already full of people who obey the status quo. But the people who don’t give a F@$% are the ones that change the world. Be the latter. Start living life the way you want, be fearless like you once were as a child, and always, always stand up for the truth. Someone has to.